We know the time constraints you have being a professional! Also for a company, It is not easy and affordable to send their employee on a month (or so) training. Same goes for working professional and startup founders. To overcome such hurdle, Ideastycoon has come up with Project Upskill.Whereby by keeping the participants minimum, we will arrange workshops on various topics on participants demand!
Benefits (as a company to send employees)
Staff training, and development has become crucial and necessary in today’s competitive world as today most of the employees are looking for their individual development rather than a big fat pay-check at the end of the month. To enhance the reputation of your company on the certain level sometimes it becomes necessary for a company to send employees on the training which can develop him/her to get the best out of themselves!

Increase Job satisfaction

Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in indirect financial gain.

Increased innovation in strategies and products.

Enhance the reputation of company

Benefits (as an individual participation)

To maintain the workforce diversity

Monetary purpose

Emotional intelligence which will help startup to become more stable

To make backend processes more strong and quick

To show the maturity of your startup while funding processes!

By keeping these reasons in mind, we will arrange workshops on topics which you, as a participant,
want to learn about.

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