Workshop On Team Management


A workshop on how you can get the best out of the power-men in your workplace.  Have you just hired a team or got a promotion as a manger? But do not know how to give them the power they need?  The true mark of a leader is only felt when he knows how and when to delegate. Delegate not just tasks, but responsibilities. United is here to unite people in good spirits, so that your team members deliver the work effectively.



Benefits of attending this event :

1.Tips for building your team.

2.Effective management of your manpower.

3.Resolving internal conflicts and reducing grapevine communication.

4.Learning the art of working together.

5.Understanding team dynamics and use of transparent communication.

6.Improving the overall relationship with your employees.

7.Fostering a positive work atmosphere that uplifts each member in the team.


Date: 10th February

Time: 6:30PM Onwards

Speaker: Siddharth Bhatanagar

Registration Fee: INR 400/-

Event Venue: 20 One Cafe, Marvella Corridor, VIP Road, Surat


Ideastycoon will help you in the climb of becoming a team leader from a team player, so that you recognize the potential of each employee and nurture them.


A healthy working atmosphere is what you need.
So why wait to become United?

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