Where Cleaning is a Practice, not a Project

Benjamin Disraelli  once said, “Cleanliness and order are not matter of instinct ; they are a matter of education, and like most other things, you must cultivate a taste for them.” Such was a taste developed by Shalin when he founded The Cleaning Company in 2015.


It’s an initiative taken to provide housekeeping services, which focuses mainly on the premium residential areas and corporate spaces in the city. Supported by Friends, Family and Foes, Shalin started this company with an objective to simplify people’s lives in doing quotidian work by saving them, their energy and time – in the most environment-friendly way. His company specializes in wide range of on-demand services like Housekeeping, Office cleaning, Event cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Steam cleaning and Pre-moving in.



“ Motivation comes from looking at the things you want

and doing what it takes to get it “


Big business empires have always inspired Shalin and have motivated him to advance even when the company faced cash crunch. “ Cash crunch is a nightmare for Businesses, we have faced it too. But customers’ support and help would always quick fix. “, says Shalin. But one needs to be transparent, approachable, must build faith and give their one-hundred percent to gain such endorsement. The company’s growth accurately reflects that these belief systems are imbibed in their work culture.



Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t ,

Networking is a means to form relationships and makes ‘you’ known.


Shalin believes that it’s very important to connect and build relationships with the target audience. And the best way to achieve it is through social media and networking. It helps a company grow globally and helps to put a word out about your business. It reaches all ages and is cost effective. Be it Facebook , Google or WhatsApp, all of them have played an important role in his company’s growth.

It wasn’t easy for Shalin to bring-in clients for a new idea in the city. But he believed that networking and patience was the key.



” What is good for society is also good for business “


Any company must not only show financial performance and progress but should also make its contribution to the society they exist in. Believing in this idea, Shalin desires to employ transgenders in his company in the future.

Keeping in mind his vision and dreams, Shalin began his journey towards transforming our society into a clean and sustainable neighborhood. His creative and service-oriented idea has received overwhelming response from the city. His story not only teaches us to become a socially responsible individual but also edifies that –


“Excellence does not mean – to Create new ideas,

It means to translate an Ordinary idea into Extraordinary “


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