Tale of persistance

This was in November 2015. A kid, Sunny Kabrawala, inspired by Dr. Kalam make a rocket club in Surat. After 2 years of hard work, today, the Surat-based aeronautical Startup, STAR – Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry, has its presence in almost all schools in the South Gujarat region. It has conducted over 40 seminars which was beneficial for more than 1000 students.


“The way we are using resources on earth, it is going to become a dead planet within years. Earth is going to become dead planet like Mars and Mars can become next earth. Existence of intelligent life depends on what happens first. So, we aim to make humans an inter-planetary species.”  Says Sunny. Today, STAR is working to revolutionize the space industry by building easy, economical and efficient space technologies and to make space missions commercial. Sunny is inspired by veterans like, Kalpana Chawla, Elon Musk STAR team works 16 hours a day! They see challenges not as a hurdle but as a step towards the success of their organization because when you are thirsty, you don’t need motivation to find water. In the same manner, you are working for a purpose, you don’t need motivation to overcome the challenges



Apart from such niche work, STAR also conducts workshops, seminars and also have their internship programme. Till the date, STAR has been invited to conduct a workshop by almost every other school in South Gujarat region. STAR has conducted over 40 workshops which was beneficial for more than 1000 students.
Also, to give a direct experience, STAR has its internship programme! STAR has today 16 full-time enthusiastic members and interns. The satisfaction level in the intern is very high because of the transparency in their organization. The motto behind such internship programme is to bring new minds and new ideas in the field.


Since its inception, STAR wants to take the Indian flag on the moon. Journey to the moon will not be a cakewalk for the team. Especially when you are in tier 2 city, it is hard for people to understand such work. Hence, STAR decided not to rely on any investor. They run their operations through the money they generate from all workshops and seminars! STAR also want to make the PSLV (Private Satellite Launch Vehicle) which will help to launch satellites without any external help.


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