Surat’s unique latest medium of connecting people and brands: Woohoo!!

Woohoo screens is conceptualized by Monik Jayesh Madhwani along with Palak Madwani and moving strongly ahead along with other team members. It is the latest medium of connecting brands with the people of the city, by using Hundreds of HD LED Screens placed at locations attracting high footfall.


For Example: Malls, Multiplexes, Commercial Complexes, Textile Markets, Restaurants, Food Joints, Residential Towers etc.


Working with a culture that amalgamates team building and bonding with training for skill development and motivation, Woohoo believes that failure is the Biggest inspiration. They move ahead with a simple funda which sums up to a fact that Vision + Idea + Fund+ Team+ Execute = Scale up





“Social media is an opportunity for start ups and every startup should utilize this platform” quotes Mr. Monik Madwani, adding that they have leveraged IT tools like google calendar and CRM systems. Further, Emphasizing on youth empowerment he says that youth will bring energy and guiding them correctly will give positive results. The Surti Tycoon suggests a firm belief and interest in essentials of education and medical services; whereby he suggests that no cost education and medical services in society at large is extremely desirable.


Concluding on a fact that failure can be the biggest inspiration, Woohoo team believes that challenges are a part of any business and it will improve overall work of the company. Remedies to tough times and difficulties for gathering client, is in the power of introspection.



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