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With a mission to build a strong food community and to ease online ordering, Setal started Pani Food three years ago, an online food ordering and free delivery company based in Surat. It provides a single window through a wide range of restaurants with a reliable and fast delivery service across the city.


The concept of introducing such an operation originated by understanding the fundamental needs of a human, food being one of them. Setal believes food must be available to all and hence, she wanted to create a platform – Foodbook, she started Pani Food where people convene and share their ‘food feelings’. Pani Food, presently, has 130+ restaurants of Surat and is constantly advancing. However,


‘ Every great achiever is inspired by yet another triumphant ’


Setal takes inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg and understands the enigma of being a visionary and fearless in conjunction with being calm and patient in situations. She has been challenged persistently during her journey as an entrepreneur, yet, every time she has confronted and advanced.


One such hurdle was logistics, as stated by Setal, is the biggest challenge. ‘ Strong vision with quality can beat anything ’, she quotes. Time bound deliveries along with dealing with less tech-savvy delivery boys – making restaurants use technology to process orders – producing quality output – finding proper resources and dedicated team members , have been her everyday concern.


Although, where there is a will , there’s a way. To overcome these obstacles, Setal started introducing strategies like training sessions and demo classes for delivery boys, updating and organizing work in terms of technology. She controlled expenses to beat cash crunches and most importantly, she started motivating and inspiring her team by explaining them the journey of Pani Food – it’s vision and mission.



Happy employees = Happy customers = Successful company


Setal believes that happy employees make happy and long-term customers as they provide more knowledgeable service and put company’s best face forward. Hence, at Pani Food, they follow unrestricted working hours, except for call center and delivery boys of course!  


Youth with a vision has bright future , she quotes.


She also believes that young employees are very important for growth of any company. They have power and risk-taking abilities. One only needs to control this energy and put it into right use.


While working in the Food Industry, its difficult to disregard the hunger problems one perceives in our everyday surroundings. But very few people possess the ability to confront it. Setal is one of those few. As says their mission, she believes nobody should go bed hungry. At Pani Food, she has started leveraging the delivery channel to distribute waste food to the needy on a niche scale.


She also plans to go multi city with Pani Food this year aspiring to approach the world.


Setal is an emerging, visionary leader who desires to achieve success by virtue of perseverance and patience.


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