Determination is the secret of all triumphs

Inspired from his Grandpa, who ran one of the oldest active restaurant in Surat, Krunal was determined to combine his education with his legacy and brought forth the concept of FoodieCart – Surat’s First Night Delivery Food Company.


The company delivers food from 12 am to 4am at night and have also introduced daytime services. It is advancing and scaling up by introducing new concepts and strategies in the market, targeting the general public of Surat. This company surely is a great news for all food lovers in the city!


However, every long-term success story emerges after some short-term breakdowns. So, what’s the story of Krunal?


Back when he started this company, not many investors were enthusiastic about the idea of commencing a business in hours when most of the city is inactive. But as the proverb says, a father is a banker provided by nature. Krunal’s father – his mentor – not only supported him financially but also allowed him to make mistakes, learn from it and grow. He also encountered many challenges in making the restaurants understand this business and get priority in orders. But one needs to try harder to get better and giving up was never an option for Krunal. He managed to overcome these obstacles effectively by convincing the restaurateurs and get them across the mutual benefits and growth of network in a new pool of customers.


“Failure can never overtake if the determination to succeed is strong enough”


In times where companies continue to expand across the globe, it is important than ever to establish a positive work culture especially for organizations that are new and growing rapidly. Krunal believes in an open culture work environment, keeping zero barriers between different teams, encouraging dialogues across different hierarchies creating a collaborative atmosphere. He also states that employing ‘youth’ plays a key role in building an avid work environment. These beliefs benefit him with a smoother workflow in an energetic workspace.




“To have happy customers, one needs to have Happy Staff“ he quotes.


Krunal very well understands the role of social media in progress of a startup. It has loads of benefits towards growth of a company. He believes that all startups go hand in hand with social media yet, it only guarantees ‘audience’ – the quality and kind of product that one delivers which ultimately ‘engages’ that audience, is what matters. Social media helps build relationships.


Krunal is a determined and passionate individual who has started small towards a bigger dream.


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