Best Business Strategy: Customer Satisfaction


“Every Business at some or the other point in life, faces financial challenges. Go and meet new people. Sell your dreams to them and grow your clientele. Asking money from investor will always make you lazy and less dedicated to your goals. Never, ever, think about getting such easy money! Think your customers as the investors and you will never fall.” Says Parth Amin, founder of City Broadband.


City Broadband is Surat’s latest and most trending Internet Service Provider which introduced Surati’s with real high-speed internet and free internet spaces by the concept of Ci-Fi. Ci-Fi was introduced to make internet easily accessible and cheap. City Broadband has now collaborated with 200 different brands for Ci-Fi in order to make it more visible.


Parth has always been the believer of Quality instead of quantity. In the initial days, to understand problems and needs of customers, Parth used to go to each client with the team to get feedback about what can be done to improve the work-quality and also to get new customers.



Those customers, who believed in brand when it was just in the first phase, are biggest motivation for Parth. He introduced City Broadband as the Leading & Innovative ICT & Internet Service Provider having licence of Category ‘B’ from Department of Telecommunication to provide multiple Network & ISP Based services across Gujarat.


Keeping innovation in eyes, the team has always work for customer delight. While on the other hand, Parth’s focus was to make company employee delight. Thus, the team has successfully make an environment which is open to learn, collaborate and rise!


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