A snapshot of a vivid camera man

Inspired by a random wedding photography article in a magazine , the CA final year student Mehang Desai made his life altogether a different story. He is a known photographer in the streets of Surat. He is also the founder of ‘1000thingstodoinsurat’


Sharing about his story , ofcourse every story has ups and downs and does his. A CA final year student who read a random article at a random day , decided to buy a camera. The fact that wedding photography let you earn 10-15 lakhs is something that made him buy a professional camera for himself. No thoughts about the if’s and but’s he paved his ways towards being a photographer , a professional photographer.


Since there were many pages on Instagram who organised Instameets. It is a platform where many photographers from different areas come together and captures same things differently. He being unprofessional decided to have a Instameet too. It was the first meet organised by him which addressed 25 people including both professionals and unprofessionals. His first Instameet gave him many opportunities and contacts. He learnt different things from different people and made friends for a lifetime!


Slowly and gradually he learnt everything about handling the camera. He was given a recognition for 2-3 candid pictures at an early stage that motivated him to do more and more in this amazing field of photography. He conducted pre-birthday shoot of a friend and was recognised too.


It was this ‘Winter Affair’ event happening in Surat which was again an opportunity he couldn’t miss. Within 2 days he came up with the team of 8 people known by the name – FOTOWALE.


” Opportunity never knocks your door twice , seize the best of it “ is something Mehang has always believed in.


Afterwards , he and his team decided about the place to come up with a official setup of Fotowale. His interior designer friend designed the place in a way which turned his dreams into a reality. Now , he is an official photographer , having many different shoots in a day.


Indeed , fotowale is all about good opportunities , good friends , good work and a good Founder! He has incredible photography skills and has showcase his talents at various levels. That one article changed his life , we hope this article changes yours too.


Follow your instincts , they never lie. No matter what , never give up on life , always give to life. Be determined , be inspired , be professional in whatever you do.


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