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Food is something that everyone needs to survive, no matter the race or religion or country. It is one of the biggest aspects of a culture. Hence, learning how to cook is the most important skill a person can have. Very few people teach as passionately and intensely as Sneha Thakkar, who transforms cooking into an Art.


“ No one is born a Great Cook, one learns by Doing ”


In 1997, when disorder hit Sneha in personal life, she found herself go down the dark lane. But as Earl Nightengale said, everything in this world begins with an idea. A sudden idea occurred to Sneha as well. She wanted to teach others what she was passionate about and was good at, and that marked the beginning of her meritorious cooking journey.


Sneha started SWAD Institute in 1997 with a simple passion for cooking. She is now a renowned Culinary Expert Chef, who is applauded for her 20 years’ experience. Her institute provides a platform for people of Surat to learn cooking from expert faculties with hands-on training and health tips.


“ A little progress each day,  adds up to big results ”


Sneha encourages a Free-Spirit work culture in her institute, where everyone does a little bit of everything. She shows confidence in young employees and believes that they are fusion of both, enthusiasm and creativity. There is no quotidian task assigned to the employees. She organizes incentive programs where every employee receives incentives directly proportionate to the sales of the company.


Fortunately, the company never faced liquidation, but nothing grows in life unless challenged. And Sneha has readily encountered any challenges that she has come across. “ There are two main challenges that we have been facing. First, each day free cooking content gets uploaded online which hinders our growth unless and until we emphasize on hands on training and second, we need new crowd every time as we have limited courses to offer, so we must be very aggressive in marketing ”, she says.


Any business’ success starts from it’s marketing. It helps spread the word out about your company and boosts up your reputation. Consequently, Sneha have been organizing effective programs like “ Affiliate Program ” to promote mouth to mouth publicity and actively apprising about the company on Social media.  She believes, social media is the best platform after WOM marketing. It allows you to connect to innumerable, inaccessible people of the city.


“ Strive for continuous Improvement instead of Perfection ”


Strength and growth comes through continuous efforts. Sneha believes, to scale-up a company and engage more clients, one must scrutinize and evaluate the company’s work progress, try to figure what is lacking and introduce new concepts and solutions to advance.


“ Experience is the teacher of all things ” quotes Sneha.



A self-taught Culinary Expert Chef, Sneha’s story inspires all, especially women, to fight against all odds and follow your passion in achieving success. She is the perfect example of :


Chase your passion, and success will chase you !

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