Startup Stories

You religiously follow a health regime but also take the lift. You see that an aged man takes the stairs even though he sweats and loses his breath every day. You are astonished by his dedication and strength to use the stairs. You see the hard work he puts in while climbing. You are inspired by him and you are determined to climb any number of storeys.
Ideastycoon’s idea of building any tycoon has taken a new shape now, through stories. Storytelling may seem like an old-fashioned tool but it never fails to inspire others. Being an entrepreneur demands you to keep track of all the data and other quantitative analysis but let’s not forget the power of stories. We believe that if you share your startup journey and the vision to others, then they might get the ignition to pursue their own dreams. The stories we share can help others grow and build. We never know which success story could help them build their storey.