Business; now, is not the game of hardwork!

An Engineer who pursued her MBA in International Business from one of the top most institutes of India, cracked Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), worked in the field of consulting, been a stand-up comedian, invested in a lot of startup and SMEs. Well, this is not the group of individuals we are talking about. We, here, are talking about just one individual and that too a Marwari girl from a traditional family. Jaw dropped right? Keep them where they are because we have bombs in our bag to blast.

Sonal, with her husband, moved to Surat a few years back from Mumbai. She was working in the field of financial consulting and had a rich portfolio. She and along with her husband migrated to Surat and they set a textile trading firm.

When they came here, they saw “The Traditional Business Experts” whose behavior in any problems was like “Sir, aap yeh karlo. Aapka dhandha badh jayega”. They have never learned about analyzing pros and cons of any decision. Such businessman does not know the professional structured pattern which corporate follow They take decisions on their intuitive feelings. After seeing such way of business, Sonal started consulting SMEs and Startup to make them more professional in terms of operations and decision making.

Sonal has also always encouraged women to take a step forward. She said “Wherever you are, it is very important to create your space. You must work. The woman should realize that even they can run the businesses because business, now, is not the game of hard work. It depends on how smartly you climb the ladder.”

One of the most philanthropist goals of her is to teach a woman to take a step for what they dream. Stand up for their dream and shot an arrow to fulfill it.

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