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Founder of ivIpanan, a renowned startup mentor, digital Marketing trainer and a living example of how hard work, right choices and persistence would always lead to an enduring story of motivation. And this story starts with pursuit of a good and easy life with a management faculty job and unconvinced mind of pursuing the same as a career choice!


Initial Days:

The journey begun with a no business family background, shy and introvert nature, a part time job cushion and a strong belief on hoarded treasure of knowledge. Hence, The journey which is described to be a ‘SOLOPRENEUR’ begun. It was supported with a team of a tale, a chair, loved one’s conviction and a strong commitment. Being reminiscent about the days he quotes the beginning of the day at 8 in the morning with a hustle to make his brand visible, dealing with inquiries, and training people in digital marketing and also working for a job all along!!


The Journey:

He says”I believed in ethics, discipline and integrity which helped me to survive in the market”. Claiming self motivation as best tool of motivation, he regards his parents, in laws, spouse and his son as pillars of strength and world around him. After 3.5 years of his journey, he now works with a team of 10 people, two offices, and association with over 50 business in the city to grow with marketing consultation and has also empowered more than 10,000 people with knowledge of digital marketing.


Working Nature:

Formula of success according to this tycoon is not to run behind money, keep growing knowledge and staying grounded. An important piece of advise he has for you is that Money saved is equal to money earned. Become the reason for your customers to come to you only if they want to buy something. Don’t waste money in show-off rather make your self-worth enough.

Mr. Bhautik sheth lives his passion and hence working time is the leisure time for him!


How about you??  Get inspired and tell us your fascinating story too.


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