Journey from an Instagram User to the Life Skill Trainer

Started with uploading self-made quotes on an Instagram account, Vibha Chopra is now well known motivational speaker and life skills trainer in Surat!


Initially, it was tough for her to let people understand what she wants to do, including her family, was the toughest task for her to do when she started. Just like every Indian parent, even her parents are worried about her stable career and “Char Log”. But because of her persistency and love towards the work has proved without arguing a single word.


Vibha believes that, during developing phase, as a startup you are going to face a lot of problems, disappointment & wrong choices. But you must trust your instincts & stick to your idea towards starting your journey. Steady perseverance is taking small steps to get to your achievement and toward which effort is directed. If you make movement toward a goal, that’s what matter most in life.


Vibha believes in ideology of her sister and her husband. Her sister believes in always on going learning and just like the perfect life partner, her husband has always supported her in her ups and downs. He also helps Vibha to make the policies of the business.


She believes that being courageous and persistent along with developing risk taking capacity and decision making skills can be the most important traits as an entrepreneur in today’s most competitive world.


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  • Pranav Nair
    Posted at 1:18 pm, March 18, 2018

    Nice article .. feels good even more when u knw the person. .her capabilities .. good work

  • Sidharth Nair
    Posted at 6:27 pm, March 18, 2018

    Fantastic story Vibha
    You are doing a wonderful job
    I am really finding your videos so useful
    So easy to understand
    And clearly spoken by a very pretty face too 🤗

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