You are in a heated group discussion. You see that one of your colleagues is taking charge of the situation and voicing his opinion. He’s effortlessly answering all the questions without getting distracted by the group chatter.


You are listening to a speaker who’s bubbled with energy and is interacting with every participant. He tackles every doubt with ease. He quickly judges their mindset and approaches them individually.


You are the victim of a fuming client who doesn’t seem to understand your point at all. One of your coworkers talks to him and cracks the code to calm him down.


What’s there in each one of them which seems to work? What is that skill which helps them take control? A skill which you can develop through Ideastycoon ‘s event, Imprint. We aim to bring the overall empowerment of entrepreneurs through various workshops and activities that will help them emerge as better leaders.


While we are building blocks of our business, we tend to forget building real relationships with people. Imprint is that link between the lack of communication and effective management of people.

Date : 12th January 2018
Venue : Space Lounge
Registration Fee: INR 300(includes refreshments)
Speaker : Vibha Chpora ( Director at A Walk To Wisdom)


Benefits of attending Imprint :
1. Learn the art of interpersonal skills.
2. Inculcate the skill of problem solving.
3. Become a better listener.
4. Adaptability to different situations.
5. Gain Emotional Intelligence to tackle difficult situations.
6. Effective communication skills to enhance leadership qualities.
7. Team building and people management.


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12th January | 6 PM – 8 PM
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