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Marketing – Check, Customer Service – Check, Production – Check, Human Resource – Not in place?
While you fight for your survival in the business battleground, let us look after your essential employee warriors.
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While Surat is evolving to become a smart city, more and more industries are setting their base here. And the job of recruiting and selecting an ideal candidate for the business becomes tedious. The  staffing agencies in Surat are solving the problem of hiring manpower and Ideastycoon wants to do their bit for helping budding businesses to thrive.


An organisation can become more sustainable if it has a robust recruitment process in place that hires efficient employees. Let us be your HR consultant and acquire talent which is perfectly in line with your company’s requirement.


Adding more human to your resource, Ideastycoon has extended its scope width by adding HR outsourcing service to its band. We have always been on our edge to help businesses build and grow in Surat and now we will also be the placement consultant for them.

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